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4 Design Terms Every Marketer Needs to Know

The transition from text-based to visual marketing is already well underway, as customer demand drives organizations to rethink how people communicate on the most basic level. Cisco estimates video will constitute 80% of all consumer Internet traffic by 2019, and although marketers are racing to catch up, they’re still behind the times: in 2015, 52%

How to Get the Non-Technical People in Your Office Excited About Analytics

Analytics. Data science. Words and phrases like these tend to conjure up imagery of guys in thick glasses poring over stacks of spreadsheets with the smell of stale coffee permeating the office. But today’s data and analytics teams couldn’t be farther from the caricatures that we make of them. And the truth is, when you

Do You Really Need to Test Your Site to Improve Your Conversion Rate?

Talk to almost any online marketer and you’d think that they held a PhD in psychology. At the drop of a hat, they can tell you all about what button colors, typeface, contrast, spacing, line of sight, hero shots, etc you should use to subconsciously drive a website visitor to convert. But do marketers really

How to Streamline Lead Nurturing Campaigns With Customer Data

Market2Lead reports that “nurtured leads experience a 23% shorter sales cycle.” By building an active relationship with buyers, your team is equipped to guide people through the sales journey. An engaged seller can anticipate consumer needs and customize the overall experience. “With the ability to create and apply customer data assets, it’s possible now to

3 Common Google Analytics Gaps You Need to Plug

Google Analytics is the de-facto industry standard analytics tool. It’s installed on almost every single business site. (It’s even looked at too, sometimes, too.) It provides a tremendous amount of data that you can manipulate, along with customization options for advanced features that power users crave. Also, it’s free. Google Analytics excels at providing surface

PPC Analytics Strength: Building A Stronger Revenue Stream With Less Traffic

Editor’s Note: This marketing infographic is part of KlientBoost’s 25-part series. We’re super excited to partner with them so you can enjoy a new gifographic once a day in your inbox. You should subscribe here. With what seems like an endless amount of PPC metrics out there, it can be challenging to navigate all those

5 Techniques to Help You Truly Understand Your Customers

Optimizing the customer experience is a great way to get new customers. It’s also one of the best ways of fostering customer loyalty. According to Teradata, only 41% of marketing executives are using customer engagement data to inform their marketing strategy. Despite this, marketers and other organizational leaders alike are neglecting the customer before and