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Online Content: Is Longer Really Better?

Writing online content is something of a balancing act. For years, SEO experts have pointed out that Google loves longer content. Your readers? Not necessarily. As a writer, that means you’re kind of stuck in the middle. Write too little, and your content won’t rank. Write too much, and most people won’t read your content.

Your Customers Don’t Care About Your Product: They Care About Progress

It’s true. Your customers don’t care about your product. Don’t worry, they don’t care about your competitor’s products either. Your customers don’t care about any products. Thankfully, your customers do care about something, which is why they buy your product. Your customers care about the progress they will make as a result of using your

Do Your Tweets Deliver Revenue? Here’s How to Use Kissmetrics to Find Out

The average social media manager gets paid roughly $47,190. They tweet, post, share, like, favorite, comment, and reply to make sure your company’s social media is covered. Some companies use social media differently. Slack, for instance, uses Twitter to communicate the brand and notify followers on product updates. Here at Kissmetrics, we’re tweeting links to

How to Evaluate the ROI of Branded Content

In 2011, Google’s Zero Moment of Truth report struck fear into the hearts of marketers and companies alike with its finding that the average consumer reviews 10.4 pieces of content before converting. What made this finding so scary? It underlined the importance of content to modern marketing strategies, and many companies feared they weren’t producing

Low Conversion Rates? Your Copy Could Be to Blame

We’ve heard the advice a thousand times: Your headline is the most important part. It’s 80 cents of your dollar. Visuals are key. Visitors want to see high quality photos, infographics, videos, charts, diagrams, memes, and more. The user experience – or UX – trumps all else. It’ll be the key differentiator in the coming

“Hey $FNAME” is Dead. Here’s How to Personalize Marketing in 2017.

One third of marketers believe personalization will be the most important trend in the future. That’s ‘cause 86% of consumers say it informs their purchases. But there’s a problem. Because less than 10% of marketers believe they’re “highly effective” at it. That’s because slapping on “Hey $FNAME” to an email before it heads out the

Which Marketing Channels are Worth Focusing On in 2017?

It’s no secret that in 2017, like every year, marketers want to get the biggest ROI from their advertising spend. So which channels are worth your attention? A new survey from Ascend2 took a look at the most lucrative and engaging channels of the past year to determine which ones could give you the best

How to Better Integrate Analytics Into Your Marketing Strategy

It’s 2017. We’re neck-deep in the age of ‘Big Data.’ No matter what aspect of marketing you want to measure, there’s a tool to help you track it. In fact, ‘powerful analytics’ is probably the most highly-touted feature for most of tools we use as online marketers. We have access to so much data, so

The Power of Direct Mail in the Digital Age

For digital marketers, it ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. There are serious challenges inherent to the digital landscape that nobody is talking about. Not long ago, advertisements were the end result of days, weeks, or even months of painstaking research and creative work. Ingenious ads from Coca-Cola, Kodak, McDonald’s, and even Marlboro cigarettes, for better

Is Google’s Knowledge Graph Secretly Damaging Your Content Marketing Efforts?

When Google launched its Knowledge Graph back in 2012, it was hailed by users and marketers alike as a breakthrough in search. Instead of sifting through page after page of results, you could instead get the detailed information you needed – and by extension, everything else you might want to know about the topic –