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What Startups Can Learn from ‘Tax Relief’ PPC Campaigns

Old-school industries don’t get the credit they deserve. Every blog online focuses on the hot new startup. People write case study after case study on the trendy new subscription box. But no one ever talks about offline companies. Even though, many times, there’s WAY more money at stake. Take ‘tax relief,’ for example. The latest

The Art and Science of Storytelling — And How to Use Both to Reach Your Audience

Marketers are a lot like those realtors on HGTV’s “House Hunters.” The same way they’re trying to find a bungalow with beach access that also has a downtown industrial-loft feel (and stays within a $50,000 budget …), we’re constantly striving to create content that accomplishes many things. We need to create content that’s thoughtful and

Why Entrepreneurs Cannot Ignore Their Company’s Brand

“Branding” “Our brand is strong” “Brand equity” “Our brand is admired around the world” These words and phrases make most entrepreneurs and employees roll their eyes. They view brand as an overused term that means very little to the world outside the company. But your brand may be the most valuable asset your company has.

2018 Trends and Predictions for Digital Marketing

It’s the time of year to look to the future. At Jumpshot, we consider billions of online searches, transactions and other behaviors, and we’ve thought about it enough to get a sense of some big overall trends. So we wanted to make some predictions about what will have the biggest impact in 2018 and how

How to Convert Blog Readers to Leads

17 comments, 223 likes on Facebook, and 88 retweets. You’re writing stuff, and people are reading it. They’re clicking your links and arriving at your blog. Your efforts are finally paying off with a steady stream of traffic. We’re not going to focus on the importance of a business blog. You know it’s crucial to

Competitive Advantages Aren’t Enough. Your Business Needs a Moat.

Moats are ditches of water that surround castles. They’re the first-line of defense against intruders. Legendary investor Warren Buffett suggests you look at your business in a similar way. Your business is the castle, and the moat is what protects your business from competitors. Some refer to this moat as a competitive advantage. The moat

Three Lessons Marketers Can Learn From Cable News

I’m a bit of a cable news junkie. Now, I don’t watch it often, but am generally more interested how a news product can draw people in hold their attention for hours, and keep them coming back everyday. But why is this so interesting? And why should marketers care? Because news itself can be pretty

Optimizing Your Optimization: A Jumpshot Story of Redemption

The Old Way First, a vignette from my days as an operations analyst: Me: Are people really going to click on this ad, then surf around the different pages of Team Lead: Dude, I don’t know… This is what the agency asked for. Me: So I need to set up a conversion pixel for

Business and Leadership Lessons From One of America’s Top Turnaround Executives

You may not have heard of Alan Mulally, but he’s led one of the best turnarounds in modern American business history. As Chief Executive for nearly 8 years at Ford Motor Company, he steered the company through the Great Recession (without taking a bailout), restructured the massive corporation to get the company more focused and

32 Ways Your Ecommerce Company Can Boost Engagement and Sales

The ecommerce customer is a moving target. I mean that in more than one way: Online behaviors and buying preferences evolve constantly. Customers jump around relentlessly from apps, to messaging platforms, to social sites and websites. They’re mobile. How do you woo these “moving targets” into engaging with your ecommerce promotions, opting into your offers,