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9 Local E-Commerce Marketing Tips To Drive More Foot Traffic To Your Store

E-commerce is growing at a meteoric pace, and there is no doubt about it. According to a recent study by Statista, retail e-commerce sales worldwide reached $2.4 trillion in 2017 and are expected to reach 4.9 trillion in 2021. Interestingly, this growth pattern is not solely a retail B2C phenomenon. In fact, B2B e-commerce worldwide

Achieve high growth by keeping customers coming back to your eCommerce website

Tom Robertshaw (@bobbyshaw) is an Ecommerce Evangelist at Space 48, an award-winner ecommerce consultancy for forward-thinking retailers. He recently recorded a webinar with Kissmetrics, listen here. It can be easy lose ourselves in the chronic battle of customer acquisition. Expanding the top of the funnel to get more visitors coming to the site seems like

5 Ways to Create a Brand Logo For Your Company in Just Minutes

If you want your business to succeed, you’ll need to pay close attention to your brand strategy. No matter what size your business is, branding creates trust. A strong brand creates instant recognition in the marketplace, especially amongst your customers. The bigger you build your brand, the easier it is to create better opportunities for

How Long Should I Run My A/B Test?

A/B testing is one of the most polarizing marketing tactics ever invented. It seems like everyone has an opinion on whether it works or not. So, where do I stand on the issue? Well, if you do it wrong, I think it is a giant waste of your time. But if you do it right,

8 Advertising Mistakes SaaS Companies Make All Too Often

Ad media buying for SaaS products can feel like a rabbit hole of complexity. Best practices, capabilities and tactics will change depending on what you’re trying to accomplish, what platform you’re on and whose advice you take. But once you do understand that layer, there’s even more differences and challenges depending on the audience you’re

How E-Commerce Companies Can Compete in an Amazon-Dominated World

When it comes to e-commerce marketplace dominance, Amazon is at the top of the food chain. Over 44% of all product searches begin in Amazon’s search bar, and Amazon owns almost half of all U.S. online retail sales. And if CEO Jeff Bezos has anything to say about it, that’s just the beginning. Even some

How the Customer Experience is Powering the Fastest Growing Brands

A form of this article originally appeared on Stitch Labs. Stitch Labs is a purpose-built inventory management software to help brands improve customer experience and scale efficiency. Download the original guide here. When we talk about the future of retail, industry news is abuzz with the idea of brands creating experiences for their customers. Consumers

10 Accounting Basics You Need to Know to Run a Successful E-commerce Business

Accounting is a painful necessity. It’s the boring side of the business. I don’t like dealing with it either. But, if you want your business to grow, you can’t avoid it. You could try tossing all your receipts into a shoebox and handing them to a stranger. But you’ll be handing them financial control. That

After Toys ‘R’ Us Announces Closings, a Digital Postmortem

Whether or not the retail apocalypse is really here, or if it is really an apocalypse, there’s no doubt that the retail landscape is changing dramatically. The closure of 735 brick-and-mortar Toys ‘R’ Us locations is the latest in a string of hits to traditional retailers who been unable to fully adapt to the eCommerce