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Is Twitter Worth Your Time? Here’s What New 2018 Data Says About Twitter for Marketing

Misinformation is spreading like wildfire. On Twitter, it’s no different. Numerous spam accounts and bots plague Twitter. They share false and misleading information, which has negatively impacted user experience. The network is now working to correct some of these problems, but only time will tell with how the network will fare. But if new 2018

Moviepass: When Buffet-Style Service Loses Out to One-Time Purchases

We live in an all-you-can-consume era. Amazon is a great example of this, with its Kindle Unlimited and Music Unlimited services. Rather than pay for books or music a la carte, you pay a subscription fee to get as much as you can read or listen to. And yet, in the movie industry, this buffet-style

6 Instagram Marketing Trends To Be Aware Of In 2018

Last year, my friend checked her Instagram engagement numbers and noticed something unusual. They tanked. “I used to get lots of likes and comments, but now it has totally dropped off,” she told me. I asked her what she was doing differently. Her answer? “Nothing.” And that was the issue. Instagram has changed a lot

Google Shopping Actions is a Bet on the Growth of Google Express

In its ongoing quest to generate more revenue from Search Google announced Shopping Actions last month. Shopping Actions is Google’s latest step towards universal checkout. We were curious about the potential of this new program so we looked at the data. And what we found may shed some light into why Google thinks now is the

Featured Snippets: A Data Driven Way to Rank Faster

If SEO were an Olympic sport, it would be race walking. Everyone is after that first place slot – but it’s a long, slow, and strategic path to getting there. By now, just about every marketer knows the basics of how to rank. Find and target the right keywords. Create high-quality content that your audience

Why Understanding Your Customers is the Only Marketing Strategy You Need

We all want to be “successful” marketers. But what does success in marketing even mean? Sure, we can track analytics. We can count how many social followers we have. We can watch our number of website visitors grow. But how do we know what is really successful? When it comes down to it, there is