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Here’s how to use custom intent audiences in your GDN campaigns

Since its introduction to the Google Display Network last November, custom intent has been a game changer for display advertising. Custom intent allows you to expand outside of predefined audience categories, identifying new prospects that are likely to be in the market for your product or service. With your choice of keywords and URLs, Google

Marketing Day: Google Marketing Platform, YouTube pre-roll, MediaMath & more

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web. From Marketing Land: Is YouTube serving up more pre-roll & mid-roll video ads?Jun 29, 2018 by Amy Gesenhues SEO consultant and podcast host Dan Shure spotted six total ads displayed during a 17-minute video.

The Rise of Voice — What the increase in voice assistants and AI means for business

AI-enabled voice recognition is becoming a normal part of how we interact with technology. What humans say is becoming valuable data that businesses can use to sell products and create personalized consumer experiences. It’s critical to think broadly about how voice will impact the entire customer experience, from discovery through to purchase. In this report

Is YouTube serving up more pre-roll & mid-roll video ads?

SEO consultant and podcast host Dan Shure has noticed a sizeable uptick in the number of pre-roll and mid-roll ads being served up on YouTube videos he has viewed during the last week. While logged into his Google account, Shure says, YouTube delivered six total ads during a 17-minute video from the Maschine Masters channel:

Twitter undergoes reorg, makes former Periscope co-founder head of products

rvlsoft / Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey announced a major company reorg yesterday, tapping Periscope co-founder Kayvon Beykpour to head products and Mike Montano to lead the company’s engineering team. “Through the lens of increasing our durability, agility, invention and entrepreneurial drive, and simplifying the way we work, I’ve decided to make our organization more

Is third-party data targeting more effective than contextual targeting?

Can contextual ad targeting work as well as interest- or occupation-based targeting? That question has become very relevant these days, in light of the consent requirements and other limitations surrounding personal and third-party data. To help answer that question, two London-based firms — performance-based online agency Roast and ad platform Teads — decided to conduct

Getting it done: how to overcome common link building blockers

I’ve said it before, and I’ll probably continue to say it in the future: Link building is hard. In particular, content-driven link building is hard because you’re hoping the idea and execution you’ve come up with is strong enough to attract links. You may think you have the best idea in the world, executed in

SMX Advanced Recap: Bing’s Fabrice Canel keynote

For the opening session of SMX Advanced, we were treated to a keynote by Bing’s Fabrice Canel. Here are my notes from that session. Fabrice started by pointing out that search is becoming more intelligent. For example, search engines are getting better at sentiment analysis. If you search on whether video games are good for

Why MediaMath ‘unjoined’ the Ad ID Consortium

About a week ago, the Advertising ID Consortium said it will offer the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s (IAB) Tech Lab’s DigiTrust ID as one solution, in addition to its own Open Ad-ID and The Trade Desk’s Unified Open ID. This was a possible sign of reconciliation from two of the biggest efforts to find a unified

How social networks usurp Google’s local search dominance

Google remains at the forefront of developments in many areas that have the potential to disrupt local search. Artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), the internet of things (IoT), voice search and cloud technology are all being increasingly used by consumers and businesses alike. Yet there is one area where Google doesn’t sit in pole