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Learn how to build more emotionally engaging experiences with a personalized data strategy

Consumers are demanding more from brands than ever before – more relevant, consistent and personalized experiences across devices and channels. And as a result, brand marketers are facing increased pressure to understand, anticipate and deliver on these shifting expectations. Just because marketers know where their audience has been online, doesn’t mean they understand what consumers

Marketing tools can be leveraged by sales teams, here’s how

Whether the discussion centers around lead quality, buyer personas or content, there seems to be a never-ending battle between sales and marketing departments to stay aligned. When it comes to content, the sales team is rarely using the content that the marketing team is creating – in fact, 90 percent of content developed for sales

What Amazon Advertising’s big 2018 advancements will mean for 2019

It’s easy to over hype things, but 2018 will be remembered as a momentous year for Amazon’s advertising business. It is estimated to now be the third-largest ad seller in the U.S. behind Google and Facebook with 4% market share (keep the over-hype in check). What will fuel further advertiser investment are the kinds of

Year in Review: Top 10 digital marketing expert columns of 2018

All year long, digital marketing experts share their in-depth knowledge and timely advice to help others. Here’s a look at the ten most read columns that struck a chord with readers this year. Social media in 2018: Time to grow up or get out by Mark Traphagen published on March 20 Building a brand strategy:

Publishers using real-time data can help their bottom line, here’s how

Advertisers are keenly aware of the power of personalization. Personalized digital ads deliver up to 3x the consumer engagement of non-personalized ads. Some 69 percent of marketers say personalization is their top priority. But just as marketers can craft messaging for one-to-one communications, publishers can customize their content to win over new readers and keep

Fake, fake, fake: Epic tweetstorm targets marketing’s metrics house of cards

Aram Zucker-Scharff, ad engineering director for Washington Post’s research, experimentation and development team, lit up a tweetstorm Wednesday, calling just about every way that the digital marketers measure and reports on performance fake. The anger is real. Zucker-Scharff’s comments touched a nerve in the adtech community, with his initial tweet racking up more than 6,000 likes, nearly

Alexa’s stellar holiday season bodes well for smart speakers, connected technology

Amazon customers used Alexa — and ordered voice-enabled devices — more than ever before this holiday season, signaling that the age of voice tech has truly arrived. The company announced Thursday that customers used Alexa to order gifts three times more than last year. It also reported that shoppers bought “millions more Amazon devices” than they

Social media 2018 put the spotlight on data, video, Stories

After suspending Cambridge Analytica from its platform in March, Facebook’s data management issues remained the lead social media news story throughout 2018. The company’s constant stream of user privacy challenges left little space for other social platforms to make waves — but, some still managed. Twitter put its focus on election integrity and performed a

Ask an SMXpert: New approaches in customization can build better analytics reports

  Data-driven digital marketing expert and senior director of digital intelligence at Wpromote, Simon Poulton, was one of the SMX East speakers during the “Making Your Analytics Work Harder And Smarter” session. There were a lot of questions during this popular program so Simon took the time to answer a few more. Here are five