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Google’s Black Box Bidding Solution: A look under the hood

In today’s world, Google, Facebook and Amazon are the gatekeepers to digital shoppers. But activities that once differentiated savvy marketers from their peers – keyword research, ad copy and target URL creation – have fallen victim to these giants’ automated solutions, including Smart Bidding, Google Shopping and Responsive Search Ads. They also offer automated black

Why we updated Marketing Land’s newsletter (and why we think you’ll love it)

Subscribers to our daily newsletters noticed last week a dramatic change in the content we email to our audience daily. For us, it represents a shift in how we are approaching the medium, which is becoming more crowded than ever as media brands, marketers and your reply-all-abusing colleague all compete for precious attention in your inbox. For

Amazon extends Sponsored Products to AmazonFresh for CPG brands

Amazon is expanding its Sponsored Products advertising format to AmazonFresh brands. The company began notifying partners Thursday. What it means. That means brands can add their ASINs (Amazon’s version of a product identifier code) with AmazonFresh offers to any new or existing Sponsored Products campaign. Sponsored Products show up in search results pages as well

Video on demand’s future requires an ad model built around the experience

Ads are annoying. Study after study reiterates the fact that consumers find ad messages intrusive and aggressive. For some reason, even as the ad industry transitions away from traditional media and toward digital, the same ad models are shoehorned into new and exciting channels. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the world of video,

A strong central stack of technology begins with the CMO

There has been an explosion in both consumer technology and marketing technology over the past decade. The simultaneity of those growth spurts is far from coincidental as consumers adopt new behaviors through new platforms and devices, brands require new technologies to keep pace. For the chief marketing officer (CMO), that creates unprecedented opportunity, but it

Amazon’s Project Zero launches to help brands fight counterfeiters

Amazon has introduced a new three-pronged approach to reduce the volume of counterfeit products on the site. Project Zero is an invite-only program for Amazon sellers that will enable automated protections, a self-service removal tool and a product serialization process to help brands fight back against fake products. Automated Protections. Amazon’s new automated protections process

Integrate lead generation solution now works with Facebook Lead Ads campaigns

Integrate, an automated lead generation platform, launched its latest social connector: a Facebook integration that automatically feeds leads from Facebook Lead Ad campaigns into a brand’s CRM system. Why you should care For Facebook advertisers running Lead Ad campaigns, Integrate’s platform will automatically scrub lead data and deliver “complete, valid and globally compliant” leads to

Quora intros bulk ad creation, editing

Ready to scale up your Quora ads? Good timing. The company just added the ability to create and edit ads in bulk in Quora Ads Manager. How it works. Upload and download. The bulk ads editor has templates to download. You’ll create and edit ads in a CSV file or in Excel. The bulk ads

Facebook Showcase offers upfront ad buys against premium video content

Facebook introduced Showcase on Tuesday, a new “premium” video advertising program. As part of the launch, the company bundled three of its existing ad products: In-Stream Reserve, In-Stream Reserve Categories and Sponsorships. Why you should care Facebook is positioning Showcase as a premium video advertising program aimed at helping advertisers reach younger audiences. While the