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Centro’s DSP enforces app-ads.txt to target authorized ad inventory

Global ad tech provider Centro announced Tuesday that it will be enforcing app-ads.txt in its DSP, Basis. As part of an industry-wide effort to mitigate fraudulent ad selling, Basis will now default to targeting app ads from authorized and validated sellers. The app-ads.txt specification, launched earlier this year by the IAB Tech Lab, allows app publishers

Demystifying visibility metrics in Google Ads

Metrics to assist you in achieving growth in the Google Ads interface are constantly evolving and this can cause issues for even the most experienced of search marketers. Among the most complicated to sort out and understand are the “share” metrics. While they are excellent for identifying growth opportunities and identifying visibility gaps, figuring out

In a summer lull with your email marketing?

I just spent a lovely weekend on Catalina Island off the Pacific coast near Los Angeles. When I flew home, a miracle happened. My drive from DFW to my house takes 45 minutes in good traffic. This time, at peak Dallas nightmare rush-hour time, it took …. 45 minutes. Did the traffic gods part the

Martech is Marketing: A Live Q&A with Scott Brinker

Customer expectations are rising… and marketing technology — martech — is the key to meeting and exceeding those demands. Indeed, marketing has become a digital profession that is indistinguishably intertwined with and supported by marketing technology.  In short: Martech is marketing.  Bring your big-picture questions about this bold and vital concept to a live Q&A

Google introduces App + Web for unified reporting in Google Analytics

The customer journey has become increasingly complex over time, with users often switching back and forth between desktop and mobile and various channels before buying. It is thus fairly challenging for marketers to gain an accurate and complete view of their customers’ paths to purchase. Two great tastes. Google has historically had two separate tools

Your quick-start guide to podcast advertising

Podcasts have been around for over a decade, but it’s only within the last few years that the format has begun to capture the attention of the general public. Shows like Serial and This American Life have garnered over 50,000 reviews on Apple Podcasts. The Joe Rogan Experience has more than twice that amount —

Google App campaigns expand to Discover feeds, AdMob testing ads on app loading screens

Mobile gaming is a $68.5 billion market, with 80% or $54.9 billion coming from smartphone games and $13.6 billion coming from gaming on tablets, according to a Newzoo’s latest Global Games Market Report. In other words, it’s big business. Google has been focused on advertising opportunities for mobile games specifically and apps generally for several

Why every PPC manager needs to automate more

Recently, the BBC did an article about Amazon turning 25. Frankly, it was appalling. It asked the question “how has the Amazon empire been built?” – and then completely failed to answer it. It listed a bunch of things: strong revenue, retail sector dominance, Amazon’s value flying high, etc. etc. Yawn. Let’s actually answer the

Facebook to remove thousands of outdated interest targets for advertising

Facebook announced Tuesday that it will be removing thousands of outdated and infrequently used interest targets such as old movie and band names and other older cultural references. The vast majority of advertisers won’t notice the removals, said Graham Mudd, VP of product marketing for ads at Facebook, in an interview Monday. The interest targets