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Performance degradation affecting Salesforce clients

The Salesforce Technology team is currently investigating an issue affecting multiple Salesforce client instances. Why we should care According to the Salesforce Status site, some customers are unable to read or write files and attachments in their Salesforce environments. Files that were created after the incident began and before the fix is applied will be

The pitfalls of surveys and other data traps that could be hurting your marketing

BOSTON, MA — At our MarTech Conference this week, Amos Budde, VP of applied data science at Civis Analytics, discussed the importance of data credibility and the ways it powers marketing decision making. Data is at the foundation of our digital marketing efforts, but it is often faulty – and many marketers don’t think twice

YouTube reworks verification requirements, displays verified checkmark more consistently across platform

YouTube’s new look for verified badges. YouTube has updated eligibility verification requirements for creator and branded channels and has rolled out a new “look” for the program, displaying verified checkmark icons more consistently across YouTube channel pages, in search, and in comments. Previously, YouTube extended verification to channels with more than 100,000 subscribers, regardless of

How marketers are changing agile practices to meet their needs

Agile has been around the software world for a few decades, but now marketers are getting on board – with a few modifications. I’ve had the pleasure of helping companies in both software and marketing transition to agile. Today I’ll share with you some ways that I’ve seen first-hand how marketers have made agile more

Facebook rolls out new video poll ads, set to open AR Ads to all advertisers

Facebook video poll ads will launch this month. Facebook announced a new video poll ad format and the expansion of AR Ads Thursday. Playable Ads are also now available to advertisers outside of the gaming vertical. Video poll ads are scheduled to launch this month and the AR Ads are moving into open beta globally

Nielsen’s OpenSlate integration adds brand safety measurement for video advertisers

Nielsen, an advertising measurement and analytics company, is integrating OpenSlate’s digital ad technology into its Digital Ad Ratings solution. OpenSlate’s technology is designed to measure content quality and assess “brand suitability” across digital video platforms. Why we should care Brand safety issues on programmatic video ad platforms have long been an industry-wide concern, with CMOs

Compare 25 top customer data platforms

The global market for customer data platforms is expected to rise dramatically over the next few years. The CDP Institute pegged global industry revenue at $740 million in 2018, up more than 50% from the previous year, and says revenue for 2019 is likely to exceed $1 billion. This growth is being driven by the