Shopify launches machine learning powered network for US merchants

This week, Canadian e-commerce platform Shopify launched its brand new Shopify Fulfillment Network for US-based merchants. The new network uses Shopify’s machine learning-driven smart inventory allocation technology to determine the closest and most efficient fulfillment centers for your business.  Why we should care For SMBs being edged out by giants like Amazon, accessibility to an

Compare 14 top marketing automation platforms

Marketing automation platforms form the backbone of marketing operations, increasingly serving as sophisticated marketing orchestration platforms. A range of platforms is available to marketers depending on their firm’s size, budget and level of digital marketing sophistication. The more basic functions of marketing automation have become somewhat commoditized, so platform vendors mostly look to differentiate their

CMOs must dig deeper on attribution

Welcome to the martech multiverse. Everything old is new again; martech is innovating in leaps and bounds, yet attribution remains a thorn in the side of the vast majority of CMOs. Currently, only one in four marketers is confident they can quantify ROI, which certainly helps explain why 70% of CMOs expect to invest more

Are you on the wrong platform? Paid search vs. paid social

When it comes to online marketing, pay-per-click advertising is one of the most powerful tools you can use. Year after year, it gets easier and easier to reach your target market on Facebook Ads, Google Ads and the like. Unfortunately, with all of the features and options we now have available, it can be overwhelming

Successful teams attend SMX East

Unify, inspire, train, and reward your marketing team for a job well done in 2019: Send them to Search Engine Land’s SMX® East, November 13-14 in New York City. This show will deliver more sessions, more insights, and more actionable tactics than ever before: seven tracks with more than 70 sessions and keynotes covering all

Adopting new martech? You don’t have to choose between agile and waterfall

Agile martech adoption is an everyday part of life for many digital marketers. Daily scrum calls on new apps, testing out use cases and managing implementations have become an essential part of successful digital marketing. However, agile technology adoption doesn’t work for every team, solution or organization. Infrastructure complexities, legal requirements and “people problems” can

Facebook’s digital wallet Calibra: What it could mean for marketers

Facebook announced it is launching a financial subsidiary in 2020 called Calibra that will include a digital wallet offered as a standalone app and built into Messenger and WhatsApp. The digital wallet will enable global users to make financial transactions using Libra, the newly formed currency powered by blockchain technology backed by Facebook and a

Google DV360 testing 3D and YouTube live stream display ad formats

Google Display & Video 360 is testing two new rich media, interactive display ad formats. Swirl. The swirl display ad format incorporates 3D assets, using the 3D/Swirl component in Google Web Designer. With a new editor coming to Google’s 3D platform Poly, marketers can edit and build 3D assets for these display ads. Users can

In OTT video, features are as important as content

For decades, TV networks have focused on marketing one thing: content. That’s because content was the only thing that broadcasters and networks actually controlled. Cable providers were the ones tasked with creating a user interface, which they did with remotes, menus and channel guides. Now, though, there’s a dramatically different media landscape, and with the

Understanding the role of branded and unbranded search in the customer journey

Understanding how to rank for both branded and unbranded terms in organic search is critical for marketers looking to build domain authority and capture share of search online. After all, over 3.5 billion searches are conducted each day on Google alone. When we talk about branded versus unbranded search, it isn’t an either/or proposition. Both