Does Facebook have a problem with HTTPS URLs in posts with images?

Facebook Debugger claims image is corrupted or has an invalid format. Have you had any issues trying to get images to load for organic posts on Facebook? Search Engine Land editor Barry Schwartz noticed images were not loading — or were being replaced with random images — when creating organic posts with links to stories

Marketing strategy and operations: The silent knights of your org

Long gone are the days of The Big Idea from The Big Ad Agencies. Successful marketing is based on ongoing customer experiences. Any well-respected company knows that now. But CX does not happen haphazardly. Every company, small to extra-large, has to be strategic about every facet of customer engagement and how it operates in order

Don’t pay more later. Register for SMX East.

Last week, I shared 11 awesome reasons to attend SMX East this November 13-14 in NYC. I could list another 11 today — but instead, I’m going to turn it over to your peers and let them tell you why they choose SMX: “Lots of great information. I came away with solid action items to

Tales from the AppStream: The State of the App Ecosystem on Android Phones

This is the first in a series of posts about the app ecosystem, using data from Jumpshot’s new AppStream offering.  We’ll start with a broad overview of the app landscape, which is characterized by dominant players and long-tailed distributions, much like many other digital markets.  Then we will do a deeper dive into two popular

Personalization offer doesn’t lead to more personal data sharing [Survey]

It’s widely accepted by marketers that consumers want increasingly personalized digital experiences. And while there’s considerable survey data that appears to support that general proposition, the truth is more situational and nuanced. Resisting personalization. A new survey of 1,100 U.S. adults in March, conducted by the Advertising Research Foundation (ARF) appears to fly in the

Don’t miss this live Q&A with Scott Brinker! Get your martech questions answered.

Customer expectations are rising… and marketing technology — martech — is the key to meeting and exceeding those demands. Indeed, marketing has become a digital profession that is indistinguishably intertwined with and supported by marketing technology.  In short: Martech is marketing.  Bring your big-picture questions about this bold and vital concept to a no holds