Major marketing cloud vendors enter crowded CDP field

Most marketers are familiar with the complexities of managing siloed data across different platforms, and many have their own internal workarounds for dealing with those challenges. But as our digital teams develop and the volume of data we manage swells with the expansion of our martech stacks, tricky workarounds simply don’t cut it anymore. That’s

7 steps to a successful website launch

Whether it’s a campaign kickoff or a completely new site, how smoothly a website launch goes is a great barometer of your team’s overall efficiency. However, websites constantly launch late and over budget. With so much depending on website success, it’s important to make sure your marketing organization is both aware of common agile marketing

Oligopoly? Not so fast

Maybe I got out of the wrong side of the bed today, but I see opportunities to call B.S. everywhere, on indiscretions large and small. So I’ll start with a small one. I’ve been seeing Google, Facebook and Amazon referred to as an “oligopoly.” It’s not. Yes, marketers are spending 43% of their budgets with

What Type of Links Does Google Really Prefer?

We all know that links help rankings. And the more links you build the higher you’ll rank. But does it really work that way? Well, the short answer is links do help with rankings and I have the data to prove it. But, you already know that. The real question is what kind of links

TrueView audience engagement: Paid strategies to find fans and reduce waste

All advertisers claim to do A/B testing and segmentation on their target audiences, but few do it right. YouTube and its TrueView video ad formats have been built to provide advertisers with unique insight into their audiences that most video-focused content marketing cannot accomplish. The problem is, most advertisers don’t take advantage of it. Instead,

8 free keyword research tools for SEO (that beat their paid alternatives)

If you Google for a list of SEO tools, you’ll see there are almost 200 options on the market now. All of them differ in features, amounts and sources of data, and, definitely, prices. But which of them do you really need? And, most importantly, do you have to fork out hundreds of dollars a

Advertisers can now target Spotify podcast listeners

Spotify has expanded its ads capabilities with podcast listener targeting. Advertisers can reach Spotify Free podcast listeners, and in select markets, they’ll also be able to narrow their campaigns to certain podcast categories, such as “Comedy,” “Lifestyle & Health” and “Business & Technology.” Spotify is investing heavily in podcasts. Earlier this year, Spotify spent a

Salesforce Marketing Cloud brings Einstein AI capabilities to email marketers

Salesforce revealed new Einstein AI capabilities available for its Marketing Cloud users, on Monday at its annual Salesforce Connections conference. The new features, available to customers now, aim to help marketers reach their customers more efficiently and effectively with email through the use of artificial intelligence. Why we should care Artificial intelligence is one of

Check out the new MarTech agenda

Customer expectations are rising… and technology is the key to meeting and exceeding those demands. Analytics and attribution, data management, customer intelligence… every aspect of modern marketing now relies on some form of technology that you need to embrace and master if you want to succeed. At the end of the day, martech is marketing…

Facebook to remove ‘Company Overview’ and ‘Biography’ fields from Pages

Facebook is alerting Page owners that it is removing a number of fields from Page info starting August 1, 2019. The fields to be removed include Company Overview, Biography, Affiliation, Personal Interests and maybe more, according to a tweet from Matt Navarra (who spotted the changes via Facebook Marketing expert Mari Smith). Facebook is notifying