Kochava launches deterministic attribution for mobile web

Measurement firm Kochava is out Friday with a method of deterministic attribution for mobile web advertising. Essentially, GM Grant Cohen said in an interview, Kochava can now link its mobile web cookies with its mobile app device IDs, to definitively track a given user’s action in an ad inside a mobile browser that leads to

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How strong is your Amazon ‘health?’

To secure a mortgage, prospective homeowners need to prove their creditworthiness and financial health with a strong FICO score. A FICO score is the three-digit number based on one’s credit reports that help creditors assess how likely one can repay debt. E-commerce could learn a thing or two about ratings to determine one’s success —

‘Amazon Moments’ tool gives brands new way to build, deliver loyalty campaigns

Amazon Moment’s console rewards platform. Amazon has launched Amazon Moments, a cross-platform solution that allows marketers to create cost-per-action (CPA) loyalty campaigns to be made available via a brand’s app or website. Delivered as an API, the platform lets marketers create campaigns aimed at driving a specific action and, based on the user completing the

Lucidity’s new report shows a successful field test for blockchain-based ad optimization

Impression and click match rates for mid-campaign optimization away from “discrepant” sources, per the Lucidity report. Blockchain and reality joined forces this week, as startup Lucidity offered some of the first stats backing the dreams that blockchain can make digital advertising more transparent and less wasteful. The Marina Del Rey, Calif.-based firm has released a

The MarTech agenda… and 7 more reasons to attend

Looking to improve ROI? Searching for the right marketing technology? Or to meet others who have overcome the challenges of modern marketing? The MarTech® Conference is designed for you, the senior decision-maker working at the intersection of marketing, technology, and management. Here are 8 reasons you should join us April 3-5 in San Jose: 1.

Google rolls out ‘interpreter mode’ for Home and smart displays

Google Translate is now rolling out Google Home devices. The capability was first announced at this year’s CES. Since then, the company has been testing Translate on smart displays in various hotels in selected markets: Las Vegas, New York, San Francisco. Languages displayed side-by-side. Users of Google-powered smart displays or smart speakers can invoke interpreter mode

Brightcove to buy video ad tech platform Ooyala for $15 million

Brightcove, a video cloud solution for managing, delivering and monetizing video content, announced on Wednesday it is entering an agreement to acquire video ad tech firm Ooyala for $15 million — $6.25 million in cash and the remainder in Brightcove shares. The deal is expected to close in the first half of 2019. Why you