Amazon keeps chipping at Google’s search ad dominance

Google is by far the dominant player in search advertising in the U.S., but Amazon and others are eroding that lead. Amazon’s share of the search advertising market is expected to grow as Google’s shrinks over the next two years, according to estimates released Tuesday by research firm eMarketer. Amazon seeing double-digit revenue growth. This

Pinterest’s new Home Feed tool lets users fine-tune the Pins they’ll see

Pinterest launched a new “Home Feed Tuner” on Tuesday that gives users more insight into what factors impact the content being surfaced in their home feeds and more control over what they see. The tool shows the boards, topics, followed accounts and recent history activity that determine recommendations in a user’s feed, and allows the receives first Verified Mark Certificate in preparation for BIMI email standard

Identity and encryption provider DigiCert, Inc. has issued that world’s first Verified Mark Certificate (VMC) to, a move that will enable the company to participate in upcoming trials of the Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI). VMC, a new digital certificate that validates the authenticity of the brand logo attached to an email sender’s

8 Ways To Attend SMX East

You’re no ordinary search marketer… so why settle for ordinary search marketing training? Join us at Search Marketing Expo — SMX® East, November 13-14 in NYC — the only industry event that’s programmed by the Search Engine Land editors. The hand-crafted agenda (featuring 100+ search marketing presentations!) is designed to deliver proven, actionable tactics you

Soapbox: Hope is not a marketing strategy

Building a corporate, product or service brand – or planning any go-to-market activity in support of that brand (campaign, website, content, etc.) – in the absence of a strategy is like building a house without a solid foundation. Creative must be grounded in a sound strategy, underpinned by a singular insight about the audience. This

LinkedIn gives Pages admins tools to notify company employees of updates

LinkedIn introduced three new features for Page admins on Tuesday, including an “Employee Notifications” tool that lets admins alert employees when new updates are posted on the company Page and a “Kudos and Team Moments” feature to highlight new team members, work achievements and more. There is also a new “Completion Meter” that identifies missing

Why marketers should stop avoiding privacy issues

At a recent MarTech conference, I gave some presentations on consumer privacy, stressing that it’s becoming more obvious with every new regulation that privacy as an add-on or afterthought won’t work. While attendance was less than I had hoped, those who came left the sessions committed to achieving “privacy by design” and armed with the

The Real Secret to My Social Media Success

The other day I was recording a podcast episode with my co-host Eric Siu and he wanted to discuss something in particular. He wanted to talk about how I got to 62,000 Instagram followers in a very short period of time and without spending any money on ads or marketing. Eric is a great marketer

3 ways to take back control from PPC automations

“Machines are better than people!”  While true in some instances, such a provocative statement conjures B-movie imagery of machines running rampant and destroying humanity — foretelling a time in which great intentions actually destroy the future.  Not the case in PPC. It’s true that, in certain functions, machines ARE better than people. The brilliant minds