Pinterest taps market research firm IRI to measure offline sales lift

A little over two years ago, Pinterest announced a partnership with IRI, the global market research company, to measure the impact of ad campaigns on in-store sales lift. While it’s apparently taken until now to fully implement, now that the capabilities are in place, advertisers will soon be able to determine which campaigns and creatives

Why focusing on martech is too myopic

Yes, I realize that this is provocative and have donned my battle armor in preparation for your retort. According to our own definition, martech is the blending of marketing and technology. Pretty straightforward assuming we’re talking about marketing in the traditional sense. In school, we were all taught about the sales funnel. It’s a very

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Here’s how we prepare for a new decade of marketing innovation

The end of the decade will be here before we know it. And despite prevalent fears about an upcoming recession (one expert says we will likely avoid in 2020), most marketers are optimistic: in fact, 61% of CMOs expect marketing budgets will increase in the coming year. If CMOs’ predictions prove true, marketers will have

Will location data rise as cookies crumble?

Location data provider Factual is launching a new product called Data Enrichment, which supplements first-party data with additional audience insights built on mobile-location and real-world behaviors. The company says this allows companies to a gain deeper understanding of their own customers than first-party data would enable by itself. CPG brands, automotive, media publishers. I spoke

The volatility of online political ads could be TV’s salvation in 2020

All the signs are that 2020 is going to be a turbulent, challenging year for marketers — digital marketers in particular. That’s the cold reality. But like a New Year’s Day polar bear plunge, a dose of cold reality can be quite bracing and help provide sharpness and clarity. In that spirit, here are three

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Soapbox: AI will help marketers focus on being human again

The emergence of AI-powered martech has given marketers a lot to grapple with the last couple of years. Some have voiced fears of being replaced by automation. Others are excited by the potential time and cost savings. But with all the hype around new technology, we may have overlooked the most exciting part of the