Snapchat Dynamic Ads now in beta: Auto-generates ads from product catalogs

Snapchat has opened a beta for Dynamic Ads, which automatically creates — and updates — product ads to run on the app. The Dynamic ads are available in a wide array of templates and aimed at retail, e-commerce and DTC brands that have a product catalog uploaded to the platform. As product details such as

Facebook testing ads in Groups tab

Facebook is trying out ad placements it the Groups tab where users can view content from all the Groups they belong to. The test includes a very small number of advertisers who will have access to the new inventory within the Ads Manager, making it possible for them to extend mobile News Feed campaigns to

Awe-inspiring customer experience starts, and ends, without ‘gotchas’

Recently, I had a remarkable and inspiring customer experience with Maui Jim. So much so, that I will never buy any other brand of sunglasses ever again. As a long time CX professional (CCXP and CXPA), it’s not easy to WOW me.  Here are the elements that made Maui Jim stand out: Have a great

AdsWizz’s PodScribe promises scalable podcast ad targeting

Audio advertising technology company AdsWizz has announced the availability of PodScribe, a tool that the company touts as a scalable way to target podcast ad campaigns. How it works. PodScribe uses speech-to-text transcription technology to analyze the content of a podcast, allowing advertisers to target based on keywords, concepts, topics and interests. AdsWizz has also

The key to sustaining brand relevance? Continuous transformation

Right now, we’re in a turbulent time of brand transformation. New generations of consumers are seeking fresh, exciting experiences and are demanding new ways to interact with brands, particularly through digital innovations. Technology is a linchpin when it comes to providing customers with more powerful digital experiences. We’re seeing retailers interpret this by creating more

Facebook removing gray verified badges from Pages later this month

Facebook is removing the gray verified badges meant to show Page authenticity starting October 28. Page owners will begin seeing notices via their Page this week. “Based on feedback, we’re removing the gray badge and focusing on other ways for businesses to show their authenticity on Facebook,” said a Facebook spokesperson. The grey badges, which

YouTube to end support for third-party pixels early 2020

Google launched Ads Data Hub in 2017 to support cross-device campaign measurement across its systems without the use of pixels — YouTube, Google Ads and Display & Video 360. It has been working with third-party measurement companies to migrate their services into Ads Data Hub. YouTube said Wednesday it expects those migrations to be completed