Jumpshot Launches New Product Card on Insights

Jumpshot Launches New Product Card on Insights

Jumpshot’s insights tool has always been able to provide detailed metrics on eCommerce performance across retailers, product categories and brands just about everywhere consumers shop. But we are continuing to refine and add to the capabilities of insights, and a recent addition to the suite of metrics offers has me genuinely excited. We’ve rolled out a view of even more granularity with the Top Products card. 

This is a level deeper than the tool has gone before. Generally, all transaction data has been rolled up to a specific brand. In the screenshot above I’ve captured 30 days worth of data from the headphones category. 

Top Products Card

Here’s a more-zoomed-in shot of the product list to provide a better sense of retail sales by brand and domain.

The product breakdown shows somewhat unsurprisingly that Apple’s Airpods are dominated online. eCommerce sales of Airpods on walmart.com made up 1.53% of all headphones sales for the last month or so. The same product on bestbuy.com drove nearly the same volume of transactions.

The top 10 brands for the category would tell you a slightly different story. Apple is still the leading brand overall, (unsurprisingly, given the ubiquity of the Airpods and their foray into meme culture).

Finding Granularity by Using Top Products for Analysis

But just looking at the brands overall misses some important details from the top products. For one, the 3rd highest selling product isn’t by Sony or Beats or Mpow or even Bose (the 2, 3, 4, and 5th ranking brands). No, it’s a Samsung product, the Galaxy Buds purchased on Amazon. Samsung is the seventh ranking brand for the category for this time period, a rank that underrates the performance of this product.

Likewise, the fact that Beats is the number 3 brand online is even more impressive given the fact that you have to look to the 23rd ranking product to see a Beats product. In this case, it’s the Powerbeats3 in Black on bestbuy.com.

This fact suggests both that the category is quite deep and that the competition for dominance is both more robust and nuanced than you might think given the prominence of Apple headphones. At least for me. It sure seems like I see a majority of Apple earbuds out in the wild on my commute, but there are a ton of other options selling at high volumes online.

It certainly helps that the time frame I’m analyzing here contains Black Friday and Cyber Monday, so the leading products are going to be skewed here by major deals. That helps explain why the top two products sold were on walmart.com and bestbuy.com and not amazon.com. 

Generally, Amazon drives around 94% of headphones purchases online. At least they did in October. But in November and December, a major shift happens. Those holiday discounts kick in and consumers turn to other domains to buy.

The top products reflect this shift in even starker terms. In October, you’d have to look 55 (!) places to find a top product purchased somewhere other than Amazon (it’s Airpods, of course).

And the top 10 is much cheaper generally. The leading product in October wasn’t a pair of headphones at all—it was the Apple Lightning to 3.5mm headphone jack adapter.  And the next three products were all relatively inexpensive ($20–$50) Bluetooth headphones. Much cheaper than the $160 (without a Black Friday discount) Airpods. 

Trending Products Card

It’s no surprise then that the Top Growing products from November 3 to December 3, then, were those two top products—AirPods on walmart.com and bestbuy.com.

And the two biggest fallers? Those would be the previous leaders, the Tozo T10s and that same Lighting to headphone jack adapter. 

Final Thoughts

Data is important, not only to track your own growth but to stay on top of the latest trends.  It is imperative for marketers and for improvements to a marketing plan, to stay on top of growing, declining and emerging trends. Data like this is valuable as brands consider particular retailers to partner with to distribute their products. Understanding online retail sales by brand and domain (your products as well as your competitors) will allow you to uncover which techniques are making the largest impact in stimulating purchases. 

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